Vitamix 5200

Why buy it? Vitamix 5200 is considered the best blender on the market by most experts and chefs, includes Consumer Reports, Good Housekeeping, America’s Test Kitchen, as a gold standard of blender.

Vitamix 5200 Blender
  • Trustfully high performance
  • Good for smoothies and dry grinding
  • High durability & long warranty
  • Simple control
  • Variable 10 speed setting

  • Expensive
  • 20.5” tall; can’t fit under normal kitchen cabinet spaces
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • Noisy

The Good: With excellent performance, sturdiness, and ease of use, the Vitamix 5200 is a gold standard of high-performance in the market. Though comes with 1,380 watts, which quite lower than many rivals at around 1,500 watts, this blender proofs its effective motor as capable for pulverizing hard and thick ingredients. It excels for handling fiber-packed vegetables and fruits (Kales or berry seeds) smoothly, silky soups, purees, sorbet ice creams. Also, it handles for grinding nuts and flour, and makes peanut butter beautifully.

No bells and whistles, the control is just straightforward. The 5200 has fully analog: On/Off, High/Low and a 10 adjustable speeds setting. This might be preferable among the pros as it allows adjust the power for each recipe quickly and flexibly. The tamper is good for hard and dry grinding, such as nut butters and mayonnaise, and prevents from food stuck. Still, if nut or flour grinding is necessary, the 32-once Dry Grains containers work much better than wet containers.

The whole construction is impressively solid, and carries long 7-year warranty, which can extend to 10 years. Still, many users claimed that their 10-year blenders have been used in good condition. Say, if you’re searching for a ‘built to last’ blender, this product is that one.

The Vitamix 5200 is a long-time most popular blender in the market. It was picked as ‘best blender’ in many reliable tests, such as Cook’s Illustrated, Consumer Reports and Good Housekeeping. Also, it’s favorite products of many pros and serious eaters. For $450*, the price is high, but it’s definitely a worth investment.

The Bad: Skipping from the high price as a high-end product, this blender is pretty loud. Compare to the bigger motor one, like Blendtec, it causes annoyingly noisier. Moreover, as it is 20.5” tall, it can’t fit space between under cabinet and countertop. If you find it hard to keep, consider 7500, 750 or Ascent series instead. Also, it’s not dishwasher-safe.

Will Work For: Beginners to sous chefs who require a trustworthy powerful machine that is super simple to use.

* Retail price at time of review.


Model 5200 (Legacy Series)
Type Countertop / High performance
Capacity 64 ounces (Plastic jar)
Power 2 horsepower/ 1,380 watts
Control Type Fully analog
Speeds 10, plus variable control
Dishwasher-Safe No
Dimension 20.5” h x 8.75” d x 7.25” w
Weight 10.6 pounds
Warranty 7 years (can be extended to 10 years)

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