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Best Dutch Ovens

Last update: July 2017
A good Dutch oven---or French oven, cocotte or casserole pot---is an essential stuff for any kitchens as it is a most versatile cooking vessel you can own. Though cast-iron is preferable material from heat retention ability, there are other choice of materials that are good as well.

Le Creuset Signature French Oven

  The Winner Ribbon Pennant

Best All-Around: 

Time has proofed, Le Creuset is the go-to choice for serious cooks and praised for unbeatable Dutch oven in the market. This French-made pot heats super evenly, sears the best, crafts the finest, weights good and slightly lighter than others, has easy grip handles and lasts for decades. The price is high, but definitely worth the hype, recommended by Cook’s Illustrated.

Lodge Enamel

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Affordable: 

This is the best deal to get a well-made Dutch oven in affordable price. With a wide base, a bit shorter side and curve bottom edges, this pot is well designed for searing and browning, as well as braising. The extended handles make easier for grip with pot holders. The thick construction makes sturdy, but pretty heavier for its size. Also, it offers wide vibrant color to choose like Le Creuset, in cut down price.

Calphalon Unison

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Best Lightweight: 

If carrying a 15-pound pot is too tough, this is a good alternative. Lacking the heat retention ability, this hard-anodized aluminum pot offers reinforce non-stick surface, evenly heat distribution and good design for easy searing, as well as cleaning, with 500°F heat proof. Plus, it offers a half weight of a cast iron Dutch oven and full lifetime warranty.

Lodge L8DD3

Best Versatile: 

This pre-seasoned Dutch oven is a real multi-purpose workhorse. Missing of glaze porcelain coat, this raw cast iron pot offers the natural nonstick finish, which makes easy to cook and sear. The best part is the double-duty lid that can transfer to 10.25-inch skillet, for occasional preparing side dishes or searing steaks. The top of the thing, you’ll get them all for under 50 bucks*.

* Retail price at publish date.

Staub Round Cocotte

Editor’s Pick: 

This rich glossy-colored stylish cocotte wins for all duties, especially for browns and braises. The performance is impressive as having noticeably evenly cooking with very less hot spots. A unique lid with circular spikes inside fits tightly for better trapping 10% more moisture, which help delivering more intense and juicier flavor than other rivals. The brass/nickel knob makes for 482°F heat resistant, which allows for the oven. Also, the smooth bottom works well on any cooking surface, even induction.

Marquette Castings

This well-made Dutch oven reaches a compromise of cooking ability, quality, and well-worth for your money. It has good design for cooking like pricier ones since having low, straight sides and a broad cooking surface, as well as attractive enough to serve on a dining table. With 13.57 pounds, this oven is lighter than rivals in the same ranges.

Lodge Camp Dutch Oven

This is a most famous camp cookware for years as well design for outdoor cooking. With tripod legs and a wire loop, this US-made pot can be used for both hanging over the campfire or nicely sitting spaced over hot coals. A weighty tight-fitting lid is good for keeping moisture inside, which can be transformed to a portable griddle.

Zelancio Cooking Dish with Self-Basting Lid

This budget Dutch oven can’t beat for performance and price. Comparing rivals in the same price, under $100*, it offers good construction, sturdy finish, and satisfied performance. The tight-fitting lid looks much like Staub as having little nodes inside for self-basting, which make juicier meat taste. With a stainless-steel knob, it allows for 500°F heat resistant.

* Retail price at publish date.

Calphalon Contemporary Stainless-Steel

If you’re looking for a big Dutch oven that features lightweight, less price and extremely durable proof, this 8-quart pot is everything you need. Lacking nonstick surface and cook a bit hot, Calphalon Contemporary produces very impressive results like a traditional Dutch oven does. The tri-ply construction makes evenly cooking and less food stick. Plus, all pieces are dishwasher-safe.

Cuisinart Chef’s Classic Enameled Cast Iron

This is a good value oven that can successfully cook like high-end products. The oval shape and low, straight sides make easy to cook whole chicken or ribs, as well as searing and browning. Cutting down enameled quality and small handles, this pot is unbeatable for cooking performance and well worth price.

Dutch Oven: The Market Overview

Dutch ovens are the classic tools for any kitchens. The ideal pots are made of cast-iron for benefiting heat retention ability. However, there’re more choices of selection these days for more versatile usages. See more: our guide to find best Dutch Ovens for every task.

Best Dutch Oven

What a good Dutch Oven Looks like?

A Dutch oven (sometimes called French oven, casserole, or Cocotte) is one of the worthiest cooking tools you can have because it is a very versatile cooking container that can last to your next generation with proper care.

Ideal Dutch oven material is cast iron because it can utilize the good character of heat performance. Moreover, with beautiful design and high heat resistant, it is good to go right from the stovetop to the oven, and dining table. Read more

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