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Last update: Oct 2017
Good nonstick pans are favorite tools of any kitchens since they make breezier to prepare foods, from morning egg recipes to dinner fish steaks, as well as easy to clean. The slick coating also lets you cook without or less oil for more healthier recipes.

Anolon Advanced Bronze

  The Winner Ribbon Pennant

Best All-Around: 

This beautiful bronze well compromises the heat performance, durability, and price, with 400°F heat proof and hard-anodized aluminum construction, it successes capable with most cooking techniques with unfailing eggs releasing, in both expert’s tests and home cooks, recommended by Good Housekeeping[1], Fine Cooking[2] and Serious Eats.

T-fal Ultimate Hard-Anodized

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Budget: 

This set is definitely a good bargain to get a not-a-junk nonstick set without breaking the bank. At around $100, it does better than others in the same affordable ranges as having acceptable sturdiness with hard-anodized aluminum exterior, while nonstick interior yields satisfied cooking results More, the good-griped handles and fitting lids make easy to maneuver and toss. Well-worth for beginners and students.

All-Clad HA1 Hard Anodized

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Performance: 

If you ask for entrusted quality, in a word: go All-Clad. With durable scratch-resistance surface, hard-anodized aluminum body that can survive 500°F temperature and good ergonomic design for cooking, All-Clad effectively delivers evenly cook, consistently brown, and literally nonstick. What’s more? It works great with every stovetop, includes induction, electric and ceramic ranges.

GreenPan Paris

Best Ceramic: 

As the early ceramic brand, GreenPan is outstanding for patient ceramic coating and cooking ability. Though without Teflon, it’s solid performer with tough nonstick surface and quality of materials---hard-anodized aluminum body and stainless-steel handles, which can heat up to 500°F. With proper care, you can enjoy a longtime nonstick cooking safely without PFOA, PFAS, lead and cadmium.

Circulon Premier Professional

Best for Induction: 

Work as advertised, this lovely chocolate pots and pans come with heavy, flat bases and metal disc for accommodating with induction stoves. The cooking ability is pleasing; it delivers fast, even heating, breezy to clean and dishwasher-safe. We also like the nice silicone handles that are soft and easy to grip, as well as stay cool during cooking. What’s more? Circulon has hassle-free customer service.

Cuisinart Contour

Highly recommended by The Sweet Home[3] and Epicurious[4] as the solid performer, the Contour drawls durable construction of hard-anodized metal and slick nonstick surface, as well as yields remarkable results, even cooking and browning. With Cuisinart standard, it also has good ergonomic design and shape that make easier cooking experiences. The stainless-steel rivet handles feel snug to grip, as well as freely go to the oven with 500°F heat proof.

Calphalon Contemporary Nonstick

Calphalon Contemporary is something that proof that: stylish beauty can go along with performance. With high-graded hard-anodized aluminum construction and 3-layer nonstick interior, it offers nonstick surface with tough body, with 450°F heat resistant. The cooking performance is evenly and neatly good, both brown and simmer, while very slick surface is done well even without oil.

Scanpan Classic

Forget about those fragile nonstick pots and pans out there, Scanpan brings up tough ceramic titanium surface that lets easier searing meats, nonstick finish for perfect scrambled eggs, and dishwasher-safe. Scanpan apparently has good heat distribution with very least hot spots, with 500°F heat proof. Say, this is a rare non-Teflon pots and pans that combine hard surface with cooking efficiency, which highly praised by many pros and eco-friendly folks.

Swiss Diamond Reinforced

Praised by Consumer Reports[5], this Swiss-made cookware is a premium quality-guaranteed tool. With cast-aluminum and patent PFOA-free nonstick surface, it proofs remarkable performance, evenly cooking without sticking. Also, with 500°F heat resistant, it freely allows for cooking stovetop-to-oven recipes. Quite heavy for small people, but the handles make easy to maneuver. Plus, this cookware carries full lifetime warranty.

Calphalon Classic Nonstick

Calphalon Classic is designed for entry-leveled daily basis and beginners---good compromise of craft quality, cooking ability and budget. The cooking performance is acceptably good, delivers fast and even heating with real nonstick feature, with 450°F heat proof. Also, saucepans and stockpot comes with the strainer-like lids and pouring spouts, which make mess-free when draining liquid or preparing pasta.

Nonstick Cookware: The Market Overview

Nonstick cookware market is crowded, not just with types shape and design, but with types of materials and nonstick coatings. These make each nonstick pot and pan good at with different works. Moreover, picking the right one depends much on your cooking styles. Some home cooks might frequently make morning omelets and crepes, while some others like searing fish and meat daily.

Either way, some might stay away from tradition nonstick cookware because of health concerns from Teflon. See our guide to find best nonstick cookware for every need.

What a Good Nonstick Cookware Looks like?

Nonstick cookware is a most preferable tool of many home cooks and experts because it makes tremendously easy to deal with delicate jobs, like perfect flipped omelets or basic fried eggs that can slide out of the pan to your dish, as well as effortlessly sweep cleaning by kitchen towels.

Since nonstick materials affect to surface, durability and either cooking performance, See What to know before buying nonstick cookware for having the right one (s).

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