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Last update: Aug 2017
Sometimes faster is better. Pressure cookers are in copiousness at any kitchens nowadays, in both classic stovetop versions and updated set-and-forget machines for even easier to use. See our list to ensure both quality and cooking results.

Instant Pot Ultra

  The Winner Ribbon Pennant

Best Electric: 

Instant Pot did make real upgrading. This multi-cooker allows for pressure cooking like a pro effortlessly. Completely not just a fancy pot, the Ultra attaches many useful and practical features than other Instant Pots (and many rivals) do---various practical programs, more safety feature, 6-hour cooking timer and an easy-to-operate LCD panel and low temperature cooking. It lets you make yogurts, sous vide cooking, or even sterilizing yams, all tasks simply done in one pot.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic

  The Winner Ribbon Pennant

Best Stovetop: 

This is a most-used pressure cooker by sous chefs. With top-notch Swiss craft, ultra-sturdiness, unfailing mechanisms with a thick aluminum-core plate in the bottom, this is why the NY times called it ‘Mercedes Benz of pressure cooker’. This unvented cooker has modernized spring-loaded valves, for enhancing safety, cooking expertise and fool-proofed usage. Plus, unlike others, the Duromatic Top model allows for leaving release pressure by twisting the knob, without risking a hot blast to your face.

Cuisinart CPC-600

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Budget Electric: 

While many electric cookers todays feature numerous taskers, this Cuisinart machine goes straight to the point as good electric pressure cooking. At cutting down price, you’ll get a cooker that provides reliable and impressive result, as well as completed functions like brown and simmer for easy slow cooking, recommended by many experts, includes Consumer Reports.

Fagor Duo

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Budget Stovetop: 

Less budget, no problem. With less than $150[1], this Fagor Duo nicely provides solid stainless-steel construction with wide base for efficiency searing, pressuring, and steaming with a basket inside. By far, this is a good combination of cooking ability, ease of use and price, admired by both experts and users, includes America’s Test Kitchen.

Breville Fast-Slow Pro

Editor’s Pick: 

This is a real Cadillac of electric pressure cooker---full-packed features, sturdiness, pro but easy controls, various pre-set programs, and great cooking results. The duo temperature sensors make more precisely pressure control with minimal venting, which makes noticeably flavorful results as coming close a spring-valve stovetop cooker operation. Also, it comes with tough ceramic nonstick insert that can resist high-heated searing and make more durable than others, as well as easy to clean.

Fissler Vitaquick

Like a BMW of pressure cookers, the Fissler Vitaquick the best performer that and earned high score from expert tests, America’s Test Kitchen and Consumer Reports, as can reach 15 psi and fast delivery results, as well as handle delicate tasks nicely. This German-constructed cooker offers wide base and low side, with thick clad bottom, to enhance searing and sautéing ability.

Instant Pot Duo Plus

As a development of Instant Pot Duo---the extremely popular model, the Duo Plus did have progress to praise: low pressure and sterilize. These features allow for beautifully cook delicate recipes, such as cake, egg, or yogurt, as well as keeping your home-made sauces or baby foods longer. Also, it shows sleeker LCD display and button with all useful features as the Duo has: multi taskers, numerous preset programs and 10 safety features.

T-fal Clipso

This is a best recommended pressure cooker for making stocks and meat braises. The Clipso is made of thick stainless-steel construction with aluminum disc in the base to enhance evenly cooking. With quite narrow shape, it makes a bit harder to sear or sauté but better for making broths or soups. The best thing is: it has an easy-to-release steam valve that controlled by turn the knob, for safer and easier to clean. The competitive price is so attractive, as well.

All American 921

This is the best pressure canning for years long. With US-made, solid construction, safer and quitter operation, this All-American is a go-to choice for canning avid people. Unlike others, it uses metal sealing system that makes no further replacement parts like gasket sealing. This canner offers various sizes from 10.5 to 41.5 quarts. High price but worth the hype.

Kuhn Rikon Duromatic Microwavable

Thinking about making braised ribs in your microwave, this pot wins for innovative gadget here. To be fair, this this 4-quart pot can’t be compare to stovetop or even electric pressure cooker, it does satisfied jobs, b boost pressurize process, for successfully cooking many menus in your microwave in faster operation. Also, the 42-delicious-recipe cookbook is a desirable.

Pressure Cooker: The Market Overview

Best Pressure Cooker
Pressure cookers are becoming popular for ease of use, energy efficiency and rapid way to cook meats and broths---Think about cooking pulled pork, tender ribs, or beef broth in less than an hour with rich flavor. See our guide to find best pressure cookers for every task to find the right one:

What a Good Pressure Cooker Looks like?

Honestly, pressure cookers, slow cookers and traditional Dutch ovens can do the same tasks for stewing, braising, making stocks or soups and sauces. Still, pressure cookers deserve their popularity for make these recipes intense flavors like traditional Dutch ovens do in faster way. Moreover, the new versions, electric pressure cookers, works like a set-and-forget operation as coming with automatic pressure release, which make things a lot easier.

A pressure cooker these day cost from $20 to $300, mostly depending on types and features of the tools. See what to knob before buying pressure cookers.

  1. Retail price at date of reviewing.

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