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Last update: Aug 2017
Time has proved, slow cookers makes life much easier since they help preparing meals effortlessly. Still, picking a pot luck is such a fussy job as there’re lots of products out there, which differ in sizes, features, and materials. Here’s our top choices for all.

Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget Programmable

  The Winner Ribbon Pennant

Best All-Around: 

As a most recommended slow cooker, this is a reliable workhorse that can excellently work as advertised, set-it-and-forget-it slow cooker. It lets you easily go for manual, programmable, or thermometer probe mode for not-dry meats or roasts. Above all, this best-selling cooker outperforms some other 2-time pricier models.

Cuisinart Cook Central

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Solid Performer: 

This multi-cooker is a solid update designed for better results for slow cooking recipes. The nonstick wide-based pot lets nicely brown and sauté or steam to produce juicy meats and perfect veggies, without an additional pan. Also, this lightweight machine comes with sleek LCD screen, a programmable 24-hour timer with automatic keep warm, recommended by Cook’s Illustrated.

Instant Pot Duo80

  The Runner-Up Ribbon Pennant

Best Multi-Tasker: 

Instant Pot Duo is outstanding as an all-in-one machine that worth for deserving your money and countertop space as you’ll have a slow cooker, pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and simple sauté mode before slow cooking process. Or, for easier way, you can choose a pre-set program for preparing some recipes without fussy setting. Plus, it offers a warmer, delay timer and free app for enjoying 3000+ recipes and videos.

Crock-Pot Programmable Cook & Carry

Best On-the-Go: 

The Cook & Carry has everything friendly for travelling with. As a good modern programmable slow cooker, this 6-quart pot nicely offers noticeably long digital countdown control up to 20 hours and automatic keep warm mode. More, it has a locking lid that is successful for sealing the food inside, without messy splashes while carrying. The price is very attractive, too.

Ninja Cooking System

Editor’s Pick: 

This is a versatile cooker that really worth the counter space for the design and functionality. This Ninja machine allows for stovetop cooking, slow cooking, oven, and steaming---you can sear meat or sauté some ingredients before slow cooking, prepare healthy recipes by steaming, or even make chicken pot roast---all done in this pot by fool-proofed settings. We also like the easy-to-get manual and cookbook.

Hamilton Beach Flexcook

This affordable 6-quart slow cooker allows you to freely program time duration or heat setting, or both, to perfectly fit your cooking technique---You can start on 2 hours on High, 6 hours on Low and automatically end the cycle on Keep Warm without overcooking. Alternatively, you can use manual setting, if need. The tight lock lid is good for travel-friendly with no spills and leaks on the car floor.

Crock-Pot WeMo Smart Wi-Fi Enable

Not only tech-y folks, but also busy people may easily love this Smart slow cooker as a life-saver. With Wemo app, this crock pot conveniently allows to monitor and remote control the time and temperature of your meal in the pot from your work or anywhere that Wi-Fi connected via App in your smartphone. Also, removable parts are dishwasher-safe.

Cuisinart PSC-350

This is a fantastic choice for ones who look for a reliable and small slow cooker. This programmable 3.5-quart machine can be set cooking time up to 24 hours in 3 options: High, Low and Simmer with automatic keep warm. The simple touchpad with LED timer display makes easy to use, while overall brush stainless-steel finish makes more polish on the countertop.

KitchenAid KSC6223SS

If you’re serious ‘slow cooking’ eaters, KitchenAid machine rocks. It can cook lower temperature in longer period than others, which is good for utilizing slow cooking effects for tender golden meats or chewy beans. While it can climb to high temperature without intense hot spots. The intuitive control panel is simple to set and read, and can be programed cook time up to 24 hours long with automatic keep warm.

Magic Mill 8.5-qt Digital Programmable

With 8.5-quart capacity and a clip locking-lid, this Magic Mill is a biggest programmable slow cooker that is good for taking away. Aside from simple programmable settings, it has long cooking timer, from 30 minutes to 20 hours, and automatically keep warm mode. Moreover, you monitor the countdown cooking timer via LED display.

Slow Cooker: The Market Overview

Best Slow Cooker
Among tons of slow cookers out there, finding a good pot luck these days can easily be confused. Besides, these 30-year-old products go farer than your Grandma’s ones can do. See our simple guide to find best slow cookers for every task for getting the right one.

What a Good Slow Cooker Looks like?

Initially, slow cookers aren’t essential kitchen tools because Dutch oven, cocotte or casserole pot can do the same jobs, which mostly stew and simmer, in way better flavor and technique than these machines. However, who can resist how convenient of slow cookers; you can throw everything you’ll eat in, walk away to work, and then come back home with ready delicious meals.

A slow cooker these days costs from $15 to $300. The different prices mostly depend on feature, size or even Wi-Fi usability. See what to know before buying slow cookers.

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